I had to wake up …


I had to wake up …

I could not sleep at Home
so I had to wake up.

I walk on

Petra Hermans

I am in love with planet earth


I am in love with planet earth

I am in love with planet earth!
I’m sorry, I just can’t help it.

First female spiritual leader Petra Hermans
Worldpoet 546
For world peace and harmony
Europe, The Netherlands, Tilburg, March 30, 2016
© 2016

But I love him.


But I love him.

I saw the totally uncontrolled aggression
by my own father,
what I did not like. But I love him.

Petra Hermans for Jos Hermans
Tilburg, March 29, 2016
© 2016 Petra Hermans

Charles Aznavour – Sur Ma Vie
Ik heb mezelf op een kaart weten te zetten,
omdat ik al die tijd de schatkaart van mijn vader
in handen had.

For a better world.

He has a new Rose Garden, he wrote, me.
According to my grandfather Jan Goossens.

Thank you, for the stamps, I’ve collected.
It is a nice birthday gift, for my 46th Birthday.
Thank you very much.

Billy Gilman – One Voice
I bought, actually ordered, the music
years ago in the United States of America.
He had no grace. No. He had no grace.


I cannot wait …


Photograph I : Eternal Eternity

I cannot wait …

I can’t wait, to see: All people die of Great Happiness!!

I cannot wait …

First female spiritual leader Petra Hermans
Worldpoet 546 for world peace and eternal life, forever and ever and ever …

The Netherlands, Tilburg,
March 28, 2016

© 2016 Petra Hermans

Easter 2016

I dedicate this vision given to me,
to my own father who gave life to me ( and much more! ),
Jos Hermans.

Photograph II : Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans


Samensmelting der zielen

Samensmelting der zielen

De samensmelting der zielen
verheugt mij
daar ik het lichaam
reeds lang ontstegen ben.

Petra Hermans voor vrede
2e Paasdag 2016
Tilburg, voor een betere wereld


Saving energy

Saving energy

I am saving energy
when I have
to say, something!

First female spiritual leader Petra Hermans
For world peace
dedicated to Jos Hermans, my father
Amen, Easter 2016