I am peace

I am peace

I cannot
stand or sit

I am peace

spiritual leader Petra Hermans
for world peace
Easter 2016


The world is free

The world is free

The world is free, I free

( To think about: it makes a difference )

Spiritual leader Petra Hermans
Easter 2016
For eternal life


New Life on earth

New Life on earth

I change
and transform
human history
each day
every night
in each daylight
as I always serve

to give and bring
eternal life
as I am.

Easter 2016,
first female spiritual leader Petra Hermans
dedicated to Mr. Ban Ki-moon,
the Secretary-General of the United Nations
to remain in peace,


As I continue the story


As I continue the story

As I may continue
as I may serve
I give away my very good soul
for a new and better world, only:
for the good ones, who really care
about planet earth!

In my own diginity
I will always serve this beautiful mission
as free as I am.

The first and new female spiritual leader Petra Hermans
Worldpoet 546
For a new and better world,
Europe, The Netherlands, Tilburg, March 26, 2016