– facebook –


– facebook –

Have you ever heard, how
much, how many
arms of wars:

Facebook is Hiring?
Have you ever realized, that.

They are not Friends of mine.
My friends of Friends … are from another planet!
They do not deal with facebook.
That’s why I do not have an account by ‘Facebook’.

Mark Zuckerberg spread the word
by the book of abuse, porn and denial of a heart
including social media.

Suddenly, it all seems to be so fancy
to talk about books
while you never read or bought one… .


They never learned one single lesson and Mark Zuckerberg
never ever will. It is just impossible.
The damage has been done. Forever.

 The very first and very new female spiritual leader Petra Hermans
Worldpoet 546
Europe, Netherlands, Tilburg, May 7, 2016
© 2016



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