A Question

A Question

Someone will ask me a Question
some day.
I do not know why or how.
Nor do I mind.

It is just the way
it is Supposed to, 
be That Way.
May 2053

I will leave my Glasses
the Old Pair.
I do not Mind. 
At All.

I serve.
In the way I suppose to serve.
That’s okay. That’s fine, with me.

I do my Job. I did my Job.
I already did My Job.
May 2053.
That’s fine with me.

I will go by Harmony,
Religion of Blue Circle : Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
August 29, 2016

– Amen –
– God –

In lovely Love together with Michael Andreas Helmuth Ende
– The Neverending Story –


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