Vanesa Martín – Polvo de mariposas

Vanesa Martín – Polvo de mariposas
Crónicas de un baile

All Goodness Reigns

I did it for the next Generation of Children.
To live in harmony together on Planet Earth.
Conform my Vision and Message by new Ethics.

I did it for my lovely niece Loïs.
I once had a Nightmare.
I could : JUST NOT : Let it Happen.

All my good powers are Connected with the Good Powers 
in our Universe.
I had to save Earth.
I was supposed to.

I was the Only One Who Could do it.
I knew it all the Time of Times.


Thank U God
Thank U Babaji
Thank U Nancy Cools, Thank U Jozef Dresselaers, Belgium

Religion of Blue Circle 
Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
September 4, 2016

I survived a complete criminal city at Tilburg
My Testimony, my works, my Faith and Belief

Thank U : Jan Goossens and Miet Weijters ( Moppie Petra )
Thank U : Apollonia Goossens ( Tante Ria )
Thank U : Petrus Hermans ( The Power of The Woods )

I Survived The Second Holocaust : Wir habben es nicht gewußt.
You should have all known better.

Thank U : Mark ( Markus ) Schoonhoven
Lovely Petra

Thank U : The Wise And Decent Priest Jos de Vries ( J.J.M. de Vries )

Thank U My Beloved Twin Soul Michael Andreas Helmuth Ende
Our One Neverending Story

Thank U : Family Piggen, Berkel-Enschot
For the love, the faith and birds you, all, have shown me,
when I, was, just a little child.

It was all meant to BE

– Greet Kuipers : Love Conquers All –

Please God, May This Awful Nightmare, Once, Disappear …
Out Of The Imagination, The Knowledge And Wisdom Of My Precious Soul.

© 2016 Petra Hermans



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