Cool Waters In The Nights


Cools Waters In The Nights

An Imagination of A Memory : A Memory of An Imagination.

I had to keep an eye on your eyes.
It was hard. To admit.
You had to keep an eye on my eyes.

I never pronounce your name.
Beyond time, universe and character.

You have to be a real good Dentist, to treat me :
The Way
A Dentist Should Be!

There is only my Mission, Once
I am Determined : To Love to Serve.
I Kneel and I Bow. For You.

I love the silent woods.
I love the cold meadows.

I Swallowed Your Pain
Because Of My Great Great Love.
Cool Waters In The Nights.

Nothing was Lost, Nothing was Found.
I can always rely on the people who really love me.
Well, I know, I can, for sure.

Forever. For Always.

I did it all because of you.
I did it for you.
And I give it, All, to you.

You make me smile, over and over again!
All sad songs seem to be so happy!

Your eyes are Rainbows.
Rainbows in my Sky.
Forever my Rainbows.

One man who really loves me.
I never knew, I could write this beautiful poem.
I took me a while before I found the right words
to lay down the deeper meaning behind my words.
Sometimes, in time of times, I take time to think
about the right order in my spiritual poetry of words,
beyond one purpose.
I see it, I feel it, always.

The Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
The Religion Of The Blue Circle

The Netherlands, Nuenen,
September 8, 2016

In only half
a second
I think about you
I bought you flowers.
I gave you rose flowers. Lilies.
They smell nice.
You did not know, just, what to say.
It was all in my mind. My soul. My very heart.
My silence.
Where no wind lives. One wind.

Michel Sardou – Une fille aux yeux clairs (1975)
Olympia 75

“No matter in what position you are;
when you respect me, I respect you.”

Worldpoet 546

You looked at me with your heart
and the lightening of your soul
touches my body every time.

– not afraid of your endless love –

Just, one, special, poem.
One, of the very best, experiences of my life.

That would be it.
I never knew, how I wrote it.
Your love strengthens me.

The Netherlands, Nuenen
September 9, 2016
– Almost Autumn –

You are more than the air that I breathe.
I can feel it, I see it, over and over again.
Ode of Odes

May 27, 2017
The Second Chance Is The Best Chance

I am not a Heroine while you, are The Best Hero!
Who’s mine, who’s yours.

What’s mine, what’s yours.
Happy as can be.

© 2016 Petra Hermans



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