Endlessly Dancing


Endlessly Dancing

– Vanesa Martín : Crónica De Un Baile : Polvo De Mariposas –

Endlessly dancing
endless loving
endlessly squeezing you
( you have to take some time ) …

Endlessly Kissing and Loving
Endless Moon and Moons …
Endlessly Diamond Brilliant Stars.

Endlessly Endlessly
because of you!

Because of You
You make me Smile
You make make me Laugh

The Religion Of The Blue Circle
The Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
The Netherlands, Nuenen,
September 23, 2016

As I have been good to life, endlessly
life will be good to me endlessly!

NUENEN : With endlessly tears by my eyes!
September 4, 2017.


Thank U God
Thank U Babaji

© 2016 Petra Hermans

Love remains
forever as it belongs
to our Story.

“The Second Chance Is Always Always The Very Best”

Illustration : The Cover of the Book by author Marianne Fredriksson –
Noreas saga (1983); Marianne Fredriksson – Norea, dochter van Eva – De Geus




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