One : My Works


One : My Works

September 27, 2016

Religion of Blue Circle
Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans

“I Know My Capacity
that you do not know.”

You’d better believe it.

Before I was born,
harmony was.
In my life, every loving gesture
was made as deep intuition
towards the human race.

Every breath I took
in the middle of the night,
because I looked forward.
Every bread I left
was because of,
you all!

It is not the meaning of my heart,
nor of my soul.

God had already Chosen, me, to Protect …
The Next Generation
towards new life in this Universe.
He Chose me,
because I do not mind,
about myself.
I know, only,
to serve This Idea.

I saw you all on the streets pass by.
I wondered how you are and how you were.
I saw it all because I cannot stop my sight of eyes.

Fortunately, it is just one life.
Only for me, because of me
And for you, All.

I bow, because I always know
how to bow deeper
for the Last Best Mission.

When happiness and disaster disappear
at the same time,
gratitude remains.

It is hard to be a Christ.

– Thank U God –
Petra Hermans, Worldpoet 546
Babaji & All The Good Archangels Especially The Archangel Gabriel

My Very Twin Soul : Michael Andreas Helmut Ende
Love, Petra


© 2016 Petra Hermans

Photograph 2 : More than 4 months, Nuenen, July 2016 – November 2016.


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