Harvest of Hazelnuts!


Harvest of Hazelnuts!

A hundred hazelnuts were falling out of the sky
like diamonds above my head!
A thousand hazelnuts were falling out of the sky
like crystals above my head!
A million billion hazelnuts were the Harvest
after three years hard work of new spirituality.

I knew, I had to finish this job.
Before I would be able to Finish the Complete Full Job.

The strong attitude,
the strong result,
the strongest are the fruits of the harvest.

It is a feeling,
an attitude of goodness : only the strongest
on earth will ever know!

I have always known, I always knew
I would win, the Race.
I just can’t give up.

No matter how hard
no matter how long
no matter what it, All, takes.

So, Here We Are .
And I am so glad, so happy as can be.

Because the harvest of my life
well, it is the Harvest of your Life.

Best Holiday of my Life.


Thank U
The Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
The Religion Of The Blue Circle : Endlessly New Water For My Human Race!

Worldpoet 546
Babaji, We Are One


I had been waiting for that special moment, for weeks, for months,
for years, for ages, for the time of times.
How, happy, I was!!!

I am watching in the sky of skies
upon a beautiful sun
looking at a rainbow
of a harvest of hazelnuts!

As the new Empress, I take full responsibility
of a new harvest of hazelnuts, that has been trusted
within my heart, soul and destiny.

A new harvest of hazelnuts, over and over, again!

The Netherlands, Nuenen
October 19, 2016
Autumn, my most favourite season of the year!

Michael Andreas Helmut Ende, Twin Souls Forever
Death does not really exist, when you do not believe in death, at all.

The Neverending Story – Die unendliche Geschichte (1979)
I love Time

Here, where the people are very kind, to me.

Katie Melua : Secret Symphony – Gold In Them Hills (2012)

Dedicated, to my grandfather Petrus Hermans
and my grandfather Jan Goossens.

I may, always, rely on the people who really love me.
So very grateful, endlessly thankful I feel now.

© 2016 Petra Hermans



Illustration 2 : The Neverending Story – The Empress ( 1972 – 1979 ) / Atreyu


Illustration 3 : Michael Andreas Helmut Ende – Die unendliche Geschichte





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