UN & UNESCO : Sexism & Sarcasm


Photograph : Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans

UN & UNESCO : Sexism and Sarcasm

No wonder. You cannot see.
No more.

I do not work in the name of rapers, worldwide.
I respect my family’s name.
People on the streets are wiser.

Get the Hell out of our world;
you sick corrupt people.
Are you people?

Egoism. Pure egoism.

Sexism and Sarcasm are based upon inequality.
In case you did not notice.
By troubled waters.

Did you ever,
the deep meaning of a true religion
towards, respect, dignity?

Get back, to those hot lesbian girls.
These hot young boys of gays and your obsession
with the Global Goals. Hypes.

All a waste of time, money
and energy.

Pleased, pleasured, honoured, delighted
enjoying, running and stunning, boosting
but not making sense, at all.

Rapers of the Race.
Lost in Time.
Lost by Time.

“Social responsibility” is only
has only been a waste of words,
to mark your failure of actions by one deadly attitude.

I was not even talking about ‘Leonardo DiCaprio’.

Sick of mind, sick of spirit, sick hearts without feelings.

It asks, just,
one lifetime,
to serve humanity,

You have no idea
what philosophy means
to our world.

What a philantrophy of philosophy, Mr. Luis Lavin
to cherish your bunnies on your bank accounts.

A better world
was never
your idea.

Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
The Religion Of The Blue Circle

November 21, 2016

“Some people never had any friends.
They were not even, a friend, of themselves.”

© Petra Hermans

Illustration : The Religion Of The Blue Circle



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