Betrayer of Betrayal


Illustration : The Religion Of The Blue Circle

Betrayer of Betrayal

“When eyes do not speak, words were never meant to be.”

You never understood the lessons of World War II.
You betrayed my story.
You all did.

You have never understood the disaster and damage
of betraying your (good) conscience.
You killed your own baby.

The more dark souls are guilty,
the more people all do know about it.

You, all, tried
to kill the Time.
How foolish!

I am not very thankful.
I am not very proud of you all.
I am not honoured by your sick global attitude.

Money never counts.
Only the betrayal every day half a second.
You can never turn it back.

You, all, betrayed “The Neverending Story”
which has been written
by the great author Michael Andreas Helmut Ende.

People who are afraid
of death, will not die,
that easily.

The Dutch People are the best in the world.
To delete, to copy, to steal a message
is not a good and proper testimony … .

You are continually raping my words,
my original example,
by cheap weakness and disgrace.

You won’t get away, from that.
You won’t make it, up, that easily.
How selfish egoism can tear you up, down under!

You cannot say, you are a survivor
when you do not speak
the language by real courage.

For what?
For what.
Nothing. Completely nothing.

People who are broken
will never be able
to give happiness.

People who are broken
do not know
what happiness is.

People who are broken
share happiness.

They do not appreciate nor respect
what they cannot ‘get’.

You, all never talked to me, towards me.
Corruption is a level
I refuse to guide, ever.

One circle of betrayal.
A heart without a sweetheart is a heart
without a heartbeat.

Jazz & prostitutes. The happy ‘Blues’ , rap, hiphop
and R&B. Poetry in Motion!
No music at all.

It is not very respectful, to please a Mother of all Mothers
as if, you were never a Child but a child of a Lesser God.

There are winners and losers.
But a betrayer can never
return to the point
of betrayal.

Once a betrayer, always a betrayer.

Barbari weren’t even Better.

There are no flowers in your Garden.
Too late is too late.
Only true faith will be rewarded.
As Always.

You, all betrayed my story of all stories.
Because of me, the Second Holocaust never happened.
The Religion Of The Blue Circle will live forever and forever!

You don’t need to be judged, when you,
all had a talent, to destroy
the whole universe.

Eine Zigarette, bitte!

Amen, The Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
The Religion Of The Blue Circle

The Archangel Gabriel

The Netherlands, Tilburg,
November 25, 2016

When you never knew a conscience of a conscience;
nothing is lost, or found.
It was never known.

© 2016 Petra Hermans

Photograph : The Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans


Illustration II : Peter Falk, Columbo


Illustration III : Peter Falk, Columbo




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