Michael Andreas Helmuth Ende


Photograph 1 : Michael Andreas Helmuth Ende ( November 12, 1929 – August 28, 1995 )
The great author of “The Neverending Story”.
It belongs to my name.

Someone had to change
the Absolute Darkness
into Light.
Let it be me.

A lot of candles are burning in my house of soul.
A lot of candles are burning in my house of heart.

You are the one.

Michael Andreas Helmuth Ende.
I am happy and glad.
I feel lucky.

I feel your love around me.
I feel your protection around me all the time.
I feel you.

A master recognized a master.
Lovers know each other by silence.

I am so, so special because of your existence.
Every moment.

We are twins.
Twin souls forever to be one.
I am your Guiding Angel as you are Mine.

May I say so?

The Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
The Religion Of The Blue Circle

The Netherlands, Tilburg,
November 25, 2016

He belongs to me as One is One and Two is Two.
The breath of my soul belongs to you.

A good sense of humour is the best company.
I am so very grateful.
Endlessly, grateful and thankful, I am.

An air of air breathes between,
Spain, Tilburg and Nuenen.
I, am, The Great Lucky One.

“As, If The Nothing Never Was!!!”

My story of all stories
has been served
by only, family members
of the same country.

© 2016 Petra Hermans

I found my peace of soul.
That’s the most important thing.
A twin soul is my silence, my home, my love, my life,
my story, my language, my melody of all songs.

I can always rely on the people who really love me.
Trust was recognized by trust.

Blue eyes, green or brown eyes are not that
important when I feel your eyes of soul.

Peace of soul.
Peace of mind.
Peace by heart.

Chris Rea – I Can Hear Your Heartbeat (..)

I have lost my Pen.

All was given to me, and it was All given,
by my attitude.

Photograph 2 : The Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
( December 6, 1972 – May 2053 )



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