Cut off his Balls!


Cut off his Balls!

You think, you know him.
You don’t.
Not even half the truth.

Do not come in my way, Leonardo DiCaprio
dirty sick rotten sexist.
Because I have a personal set of needles.

I will cut your balls off.
As if you never existed.
This is a kind of warning.

I will kill you because of your black sperm.
You betrayed the dignity of all girls and women.
By your dark flood.

Poor, poor Leo.
Your climate change has become an issue.
You have ruined the woods and original people
because of your sick, high society, movies.

The modest, simple people cannot appreciate… .

– It is not an idea that moves the world –

An issue of a huge problem.
Because it is not very inspiring by the way
you have ruined your life.
And the lives of other people… .

A problem of power.
A problem of money and corruption.
A power without power.

Well, it won’t work in that way!

The Religion Of The Blue Circle
The Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans

The Archangel Gabriel
Jan Goossens

November 29, 2016

© 2016 Petra Hermans

Leonardo DiCaprio is named 'United Nations Messenger of Peace'


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