UN : Game of Thrones


UN : Game of Thrones

David Nabarro : Only weakness.
You begin as a hypocrite, you end as a hypocrite.
I won’t save you. No more.

You only want to see money from poor people.
You abuse your own so-called peaceful attitude.
You do not know what a philosophy of a good attitude means.

Enjoy your selfish proud way of plagiarism

You all sick sexists watch porn and stand for so-called :
“World Aids Day”.
What about : World Corruption Day?

You are failing in our world. Strange.
Very strange.
What about “World Hypocrisy Day”.

If you can’t stand losing, you should not be allowed
to play your game.

When you stand for corruption, you admit, you never really cared.
When you stand to keep on spreading your denial of the rape
by UN Peacekeepers, you stand for Nothing.

The Religion Of The Blue Circle : Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans

The Netherlands, Tilburg
December 2, 2016

© 2016 Petra Hermans



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