Selfish proud Egoism


Photograph One : Justin Trudeau

Selfish proud Egoism

Love is not love.
The new hype : To be proud
of something you are not proud of.

You call this a leader?
No, it is not.
He is even better than an idiot!

A new kind of Egoism.
To betray your own people.
A new Trader by egoism.

You know, what fair trade means?
When you do not really care.
Only good looks will work it out.

A nice, soft and gentle Glamourboy… .

The only thing
you are kind to
is your own pair of Trousers.

Amen, Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
The Religion Of The Blue Circle

I will not rectify misbehaviour, misconduct on what position.
No matter what excuses you try to make. You failed.
As always.
But, you had a nice holiday, anyway… .

December 3, 2016

© Petra Hermans

Photograph Two : Justin Trudeau