One Penny a Dollar


Photograph : Dirty Prince Harry

One Penny a Dollar

He has no qualities to change a penny into a Dollar.
He devaluated the dollar into a Penny!

A bad reputation stinks as Hell.

Just like Dirty Diana.

Wacko Jacko?
Dirty Harry.

Disgusting is not the same as disliking.
Is it?
Rihanna won’t dry your tears.

You do not have to explain what ‘awareness’ is.
I do not waste my time, energy nor my good taste.
Nice try.

Prince charming?
No, I was not waiting for you,
at all.

Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans : The Religion Of The Blue Circle
The Archangel Gabriel

December 8, 2016

© Petra Hermans

Illustration : The world is bigger than you are!