Another Story of Stories


Photograph : The Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans

Another Story of Stories

My story is another story of all stories.
My story goes on an on
because I believe I serve The Neverending Story.

My story is another story of all stories.
Because I believe in myself
as I may believe in my mission.

My story is another story of all stories
because I’ve already served The Neverending Story
as no one ever could.

My story is another story of all stories
because it just is … …
well, that’s another Story!

I could not go faster than a snail.
Two snails are always better than one snail.

How could I not betray you?
I could never have done a better Job.
Time is all Mine.

All that I’ve overcome, will return to my heart of soul
in a most lovely, peaceful way.
She who loves the Sun more than her Sunshine,
shines Forever!
My silence says more than my language.

I have always known, it would come to a good End.
Time is and will be There. My Territory.
Since I was a Child, I have always known.

The Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
The Religion Of The Blue Circle
By my name, all has been said.

Don’t look for Gold,
when you already know Silver.

One idea moves the world.
An early bird is never late.

It is all
because of
my fine, gentle hands.

Those precious small hands,
they have offered everything, everything
to give the whole human race a second, new chance.

In the beginning, in the very End,
it has always been my very personal responsibility.
So, it is.
So, it was.
So, it will always be.

To begin a story
is to know
how to end a good Story!




“It will be very dangerous.”

The Netherlands, Tilburg,
December 10, 2016
44 years, master

© 2016 Petra Hermans

Time is my best testimony.

There is a difference between thinking and writing about courage
and proving that you know what courage is.
There are winners and losers.
Forever. And ever.

I will actually never know what I did.
I will never know exactly what I did for earth.
I will never understand how I protected the universe.
It carries another Perspective, from, now, on.
It has become a long, long story but it never ends.
It never will be. Never, ever, again!!!

I am glad,
I did it.
I am so glad,
I did.

Michael Andreas Helmut Ende – Die unendliche Geschichte (1979)

Life is and life will be.
Every day is a new morning.
Each spark of love, is a testimony.
Happiness is no word but a message.
Life has become my mission.

A vision beyond borders.
A heart that breathes
because of all the power of love
in the universe.
A soul that does not take, does not ask
but only gives in a free way of believing,
sharing and thinking.
I am writing because I believe in the world.
I love to write one simple letter.

No one, in the universe, will ever be able
to give such a testimony away.
I am aware.

You are all very welcome.

January 31, 2017

Ik had er, eerlijk gezegd, niet aan moeten denken,
dat ik mijn taak had verzaakt.
De gevolgen waren onoverzienbaar geweest … .
Michael schreef, Het Oneindige Verhaal, voor mij.
Ik ben alles voor hem en dus ook voor iedereen in de wereld
en het universum. Een liefde over de dood heen.
Het komt mij volledig toe.

Illustration One : I passed the 2 Sphinxes in The Neverending Story!


Illustration Two : Limahl – The Never Ending Story (Official Version Video)