“Bana Alabed”


“Bana Alabed”

This will not and never ever be tolerated
by the whole world
on social media.

N. Majumder is suffering
of a severe mental disease and personality disorder.
She is full of regrets and guilt feelings.

Continually, she is misleading
deceiving and fooling people.
She is disturbing normal behaviour.

Pleasing, her own accounts on twitter.com
by a lost sadness and hatred towards our world
she has lost Track.

Totally obsessed by the world wide web
she thinks, she changes her hate into love
but the real insights are gone.

I would rather think
you have to control your mind
to be on social media.

She is ruining the real lives
of people on earth
out of madness and anger.

A total irresponsible way
when a depression
becomes the insanity …

of a psychopath.

Make someone blacker
than you are supposed to be… .

Thank you, Jack Dorsey, because of your instability;
you are just supporting Syria, Aleppo
in your loving way.

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December 11, 2016

Michael Andreas Helmut Ende

© 2016 Petra Hermans