End of the United Nations Day


Photograph : Ban Ki-moon

End of the United Nations Day

We will save our earth
without you.

We will bring peace
world peace
in every human head and heart.

Your misbehaviour, your insane corruption, your failure
will never be tolerated, again.
Your dirty corrupt money deals.

It is the End of the United Nations Day.
Go away with your sick name days.
You have become a burden to earth and universe.

The United Nations believe in the destruction
of planet earth and her citizens.
May you, all return, to where you never belonged.

A Red Angrybird.

How to promote unhappiness, disaster and damage
beyond borders.
When you kill babies and rape young girls, trying to admit
you never knew anything about it.

When you stand for corruption, you admit, that you
never really cared about someone else.
I am not the only one… .

Leaving Everyone Behind.

Sorry not sorry.
One disaster of a game.
Adrenaline is for the heart but not for chasing young boys
as rabbits… .


The Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
The Religion Of The Blue Circle
The Archangel Gabriel

December 12, 2016

© Petra Hermans