Pimps & Prostitutes


Photograph : Jean-Claude Juncker

Pimps & Prostitutes

It was nice
at his fairy-tale castle
with all the champagne and wine.

He did not know
the value of the simple, common water
no more.

Pimps love prostitutes
as prostitutes love all pimps.
They deal by real love… .

Politics are not exactly speaking
in terms of my responsibility
to spiritual language.

Angela Merkel can count the last bill.
In a kind of realistic way
you should never thought it could be.

Bad politics are no politics.
It would kill the real believing by religion.
That’s why I do not even look into your eyes … .

But you, forgot, one thing.
You have forgotten how it was
to love life again.

The Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
The Religion Of The Blue Circle
Worldpoet 546


December 12, 2016

© 2016 Petra Hermans