Nipple to Nipple : Breastfeeding!


Photograph 1 : The dirty porn prostitute Candice Swanepoel

Nipple to Nipple : Breastfeeding!

Enough pussies in the world.

Yes, all Girls.
With Lalala.

He for She.
All heterosexuals, all gays and transgenders
you can have sex endlessly.

Enough AIDS.
Enough hypocrisy.
Enough money for insanity.

Yes, all dirty porn girls.
Yes, all loverboys.

You know what style and grace
means to me.
You all know, what love is.

You all know, how to take good care of your children.
It says the opposite.

The Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
The Religion Of The Blue Circle
Worldpoet 546

December 19, 2016

© Petra Hermans

Photograph 2 : The dirty porn girl Candice Swanepoel