Ich War Ein Berliner Boll


Photograph 1 : J.F. Kennedy

Ich War Ein Berliner Boll

A Good Statement.
Ich War Ein Berliner Boll.
Full of Medication.

A Good Statement.
To Make Your Sweetie

Ich War Ein Berliner Boll.
You Have Made A Big Mistake.
You Were Never : Ein Berliner.

A good handyman
does not need
a repair kit.

Because I know all about Crystal, I may take
a good and proper look into the secret documents,
no matter what distance.

You are just a murderer.
You are just a playboy.
You abused the world …

by 1 little mistake.

The Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
The Religion Of The Blue Circle
Worldpoet 546

December 20, 2016

© 2016 Petra Hermans

Photograph 2 : Barack Obama