President Donald Trump


President Donald Trump
Goodness reigns above those, who tried to destroy
our universe!

New roots are made of strong love.
I might think, whenever you read my words
that you will understand, what I am trying to say.

I hoped, you would win.
You have won.
My sincere congratulations.

I think, you are a strong man.
I might think, you are a little bit wise.
I respect you.

Maybe, your world is not completely
the way I live in the world.
I look in the same direction, as you do.

President Donald Trump acts like a real Lady.
What I like, about you, is that you do not pretend
as much as the other leaders.

You are not holier
than Pope Francis
ever could have been.

U, are, just a Holy Saint.

I like your style.
I love your attitude.
Maybe, you would like to marry me,
to calm down a bit (Just Joking!!).

I am glad, very glad, the Clintons
were already lost on their way back to Hell.
Anthony Weiner just accelerated the nightmare.

I was helping you, also Babaji, on the Night of the American Elections.
We were just spreading some heavy stuff of the Clintons.
I had all the words, for that night, to make sure, that you would

win your game!

It all changed, in 15 minutes
after Midnight.
What a wonderful Sight for the Universe!!!

I hardly slept that important night, only more than an hour;
just enough rest to bring an important message that would change the world.

I was complete aware, of what, I was doing.

Thank U


– Justice Always Reigns –

The Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
The Religion Of The Blue Circle


Resistance is a failure in the heart of belief.

– Thank U, my Sweetie, Lilianne Ploumen! –

December 20, 2016

© 2016 Petra Hermans