String Development Goals (SDGs)


Photograph One : Le Derrière de Beyoncé

String Development Goals (SDGs)

1. Sustainability.
2. Climate Action à la Leonardo DiCaprio.
3. Peacebuilding.

No good taste. No style. No philosophy.
What a Heritage.

Rape by UN Peacekeeping of young girls.
For years.
Boosting Boobs.

You opened your legs, for the best pimp.

String Development Goals
the complete human race.

4. Gender Equality.
5. Gymnastics and Yoga.
6. Urban and World Heritage,

stunning and running by your dicks of dogs.
Lost bunnies without honey at Home.

In case you need
string development goals.

7. Education.
8. World Food Programme.
9. Data Development.

In case of psychological of psychiatric needs of help.

10. Justice.
11. Amnesty.
12. UNICEF : The Rights For Every Child.

The sexy breasts of Beyoncé, Shakira and Emma Watson
in the name of starvation in Ethiopia.
What a consistency.
You had your first chance, anyway, you never had
any chance, at all. Farewell, forever!

The brains only open their legs;
not even in a good and proper way.
Poor girl.
Lost. Forever.

String Development Goals : SDGs for the world.

Diamonds won’t last, Forever.
You can take it all.
Bastard of all Bastards (..).

All my regards, to Majoor Bosshardt,
Alida Margaretha Bosshardt, in according to my respect
and protection of all women, world wide;

Jacques Brel – Amsterdam

The Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
The Religion Of The Blue Circle

December 22, 2016

© 2016 Petra Hermans

Photograph Two : String Development Goals à la Beyoncé