A Broken Mirror


Photograph 1 : Bambi

A Broken Mirror

I was never looking
into a broken mirror.
I was never looking
into a stolen image.

My mirror is a beautiful mirror.
It is simple.
It reflects a wonderful image.

My mirror is almost
as lovely
as your mirror.

I had fallen in love, with you.
But I never watched, your image.

I see, the strong and pure light
of your soul.
I feel the warm light in your heart.

The most beautiful Light in the Universe.
A Universe in our World.

You broke the last symphony in my mirror.

With love, Petra
I would kiss you in the rain
I would not even dry your tears

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Jos P.B. Hermans

Netherlands, Tilburg
January 10, 2017

© Petra Hermans

Photograph 2 : Bambi