A car & a house


Photograph I : A gentleman without being a gentleman

You needed a car for alcohol, cigarettes, one big cigar,
drugs, cocaine, prostitutes, and deaths. Oh yes, a good and
nice young girl of only nine or eleven years, young! Oh yeah!
Cuckoo Nr. 2, according to the Talk of the Town. Something, to
be really proud of. You’ve become world-famous, by now!

A car & a house

You wanted a car and a house.
Not a wife.

You wanted a care and a house.
Not a family.

You wanted a house and a car.
And another prostitute.

You want a prostitute
but you never ever were, my friend.

Light does not exist.

It’s our business, that’s what
they tried, to say. Dirty money corruption deals.
Oh, oh, oh. Oh.

The dark CLAXON will be Heard. Don’t you, worry!!
They will always take you, for granted. Also, registered
by the doctor’s for a couple of times… .

Heaven(s) must be
missing an Angel.

The weather is fine.
It couldn’t be darker.

Last night, a car stopped.
I was walking the streets, as always
during the afternoon. The common people.
Another car stopped, but I did not ask; they’ve
recognized, me after all those years.

Someone else did a job. Next year, also.

The Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
The Religion Of The Blue Circle

The Netherlands, Nuenen,
September 30, 2017

© 2017 Petra Hermans

Now, we’re missing some girls, here.
That’s no problem, for no one. They are all burried, by now.
Two cars have become one. The first one, never drove the highway.
A server serves more than one religion. But no leader.

A dentist clinic, or brothel, or abortion clinic, or cemetery,
recognized by the Dutch authorities for years, oh yes, another clinic (!),
has been a good example of transformation and transparency.
But he was a doctor, according to the Dutch Royals.
That’s how you do it, by social media … .
Teeth are broken.

A hole in the ground was covered by a dirty head.
She knew all the time that number 1 follows.

Photograph II : A gentleman without being a gentleman