I have more than one


Photograph I : Michael Andreas Helmut Ende – The Neverending Story

I have more than one

I had to tell you, all, a story.
One story.

A story of stories.
A story of all stories.

It used to be a story of betrayal.
One betrayal.

I changed the story.
Into a new story.

I never knew
I had one friend.

But, what’s forever
when you, know

forever lasts longer
than forever!

The Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
The Religion Of The Blue Circle
Worldpoet 546

The Netherlands, Tilburg – Nuenen,
December 3, 2017

The Netherlands, Nuenen,
March 26, 2018
It is good, to be back again;
here, that’s where I belong!

© 2017 Petra Hermans

Michael Andreas Helmut Ende – Die unendliche Geschichte (1979),
XI. Die Kindliche Kaiserin
“Grau ist dein schöner Mantel geworden, fuhr sie nach einer kleinen
Stille fort, grau dein Haar und deine Haut wie Stein. Aber alles soll nun
wieder werden wie früher und noch schöner. Du wirst sehen.”
Seite 185

I am wearing my white coat nowadays. It was about Time.
The old tree that my grandfather gave me, changed
into a complete new tree.

Photograph II : The Luck Dragon Falkor in “The Neverending Story”