Timeless eternity


Photograph I : Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans

Timeless eternity

My grandfather Jan Goossens was a tall, handsome man.
I am small but my coat is longer than his coat.

I know, how I was a part between the children in my first school.
Somehow, they were all very silent towards me.

I never wondered, how far I would go,
and that made me, very different.

I remember, the times at the schoolyard
and when I walked, home.
Teachers always looked at me, but didn’t say a word.

The end of the school, the last year had begun.
I was sad, before it even started.

Now, I write a new story.

I learned to read and write
because somehow, someone
started the first letter, somewhere.

Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
Europe, the Netherlands, Tilburg,
January 12, 2019

© 2019 Petra Hermans

Photograph II : Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans