The oldest corridor


Photograph I : Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans

The oldest corridor

Somehow, something
was making me, upset,
that afternoon.

I left the House,
turned over the old streets
and saw dark, grey and brown clouds.

Friends of these days,
right, left, whispering
of good, old news.
I was losing, time, I knew,
I felt, so.
Somewhere, I hurried
at the schoolyard;
almost the very same theatre,
at the End.

They did not know
where to start, to begin.

Attached, and touched
to the schoolbooks,
I somehow, left them,
all questioning.

In the school, door opened
by a peculiar musician,
darkness watered over me,
did not stop me from dreaming.

In the last window,
light shined
into my eyes.

The walls have
embraced that painting.

They were waiting
for the words without letters,
music and tones did not reach,
one purpose.

I walked, on the right,
last classes as I already knew,
forgotten in my mind.

As you see, on the schoolyard,
the late afternoon, left
one silent singing of the wind!

Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
Europe, the Netherlands, Tilburg,
September 1, 2019

© 2019 Petra Hermans

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