The latest white letter


Photograph I : Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans

The latest white letter

My morning starts by brightness.
In the first daylight, I touch the air.
Silence is there.

I think, about my dreams
and how it all started, years ago.
I feel like a little child.

I open the first sight into the books,
in which my signature rests.
I read, and write and make
new ideas, to overcome.

Hands slow slender over words,
letters given but not meant, to be.

Two hands take care of
the delightful energy
during the night.

When autumn returns, I take
my silver sunny pair of glasses.
My body serves a new love.

I, who do not rhyme,
will be a wish

to someone else.

Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
Europe, the Netherlands, Tilburg,
October 14, 2019

© 2019 Petra Hermans

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