A small sensitivity


Photograph I : Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans

A small sensitivity

With my head,
on a small table,
I bowed over my literature.
In silence, a part between my friends.

All those days, however,
rooms of windows,
houses and glasses,
were a shining darkness,
in my blue blue eyes.

I never looked, at you,
because I did not need to watch.

The way, I felt
is next to, and above
your great altitude.

It is a small girl, a little village
and old, dusty books.

The teacher does not look
at these books because she
shares it, with the one small
sensitive friend, in her clothes.

She looked, at a sound
and after a moment, continues
to write, as time was heard
on her desk, late at night.

Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
Europe, the Netherlands, Tilburg,
August 31, 2019


© 2019 Petra Hermans


Photograph II : The Blue Ball


The latest candle


Photograph I : Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans

The latest candle

I thought, I would have
asked you, to write an essay.
A sort of review,
a look, a watch
over a new book.

I have thought, twice
to ask you a question
but the answer went away,
far beneath all rivers and oceans.

I had it All
in my mind,
and nevertheless
it was all a waste of time.

You see, an author
does not write, in that way.
She just dreams, all of her
nights, away.

The closed eyes watched
her eye, slowly in silent Sunlight.

Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
Europe, the Netherlands, Tilburg,
August 30, 2019

© 2019 Petra Hermans


Marianne Fredriksson – Noreas saga,
© Marianne Fredriksson, 1983
Marianne Fredriksson – Norea, dochter van Eva,
De kinderen van het paradijs
Uitgeverij De Geus bv, Breda 2004
ISBN 90 5226 656 5
NUR 302

Hoofdstuk 19, pagina 154
“De blinde vrouw verheugde zich. Het kind
van de berg van An bracht zegen, het wonder moest gezien
worden als een teken dat Inanna de gebeden van haar oude
getrouwe dienares had verhoord en Norea onder haar goddelijke
bescherming had genomen.
Maar de gebeurtenis bracht Norea niet nader tot anderen,
het vergrootte de afstand juist, vergrootte de leegte om haar heen.”

Photograph II : Marianne Fredriksson – Noreas saga (1983)


The whitest tower


Photograph I : Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans

The whitest tower

Above all rivers
above all waters,
a silent watcher
has her place.

Beyond any kind
of charism,
beyond all forms
of ordinary normalcy,
grey clouds have become
darker till white and yellow
harvests were lost, completely.

In harmony, I live,
I think, every touch of the heart.
Do not think, it is easy.

In my time,
I’d like to say
it is good
to see and feel,
a white idea has settled,
higher than all ladders,
stairs of streets
can ever reach, out to.

I know that,
I have been looking
for the whitest tower,
all of my love.

It doesn’t exist.

Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
Europe, the Netherlands, Tilburg,
August 29, 2019


© 2019 Petra Hermans

Marianne Fredriksson – Den som vandrar om natten,
© Marianne Fredriksson, 1988
Marianne Fredriksson – De nachtwandelaar
Uitgeverij De Geus bv, Breda 2003
ISBN 90 5226 657 3
NUR 302

Deel 5, pagina 399
“Toen hij terugkwam was Anjalis uit bed opgestaan.
Hij zat in een stoel bij het raam, een beetje voorovergebogen
om de pijn van de wonden op zijn rug te verlichten.
Ik zat te denken aan de reis naar Ur die we ooit samen hebben
gemaakt. Je was destijds pas elf jaar, maar je herinnert je het vast
nog wel.
Marcus’ hart bonkte zo dat hij het dienblad bijna liet vallen.
Hij zette het neer, schonk de thee in en gaf daarna pas antwoord.
Ik herinner me er alle geuren van, iedere windvlaag, iedere hand
die hij streelde. De woestijn, de sterrenhemel, Me Rete die zoveel
genegenheid toonde, de ogen van je vader.
Het bleef even stil, waarna Marcus vervolgde: ‘Ik geloof dat Balthazar
de enige echt door en door goede mens is die ik heb gekend.’
Anjalis keek verwonderd, maar hij knikte en zei: ‘Hij leefde een
eenvoudig leven, met maar één doel en een groot geloof.’

Photograph II : Marianne Fredriksson – Den som vandrar om natten (1988)




Left pulse


Photograph I : Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans

Left pulse

I actually, do not know,
what has to be seen, nowadays,
or these days.

Maybe, I am not very sure,
no, not at all, it could have been
another sound, in our world.

Something, has to be listened, to.
Somehow, how did you all think,
it is so important?

On the left,
I look, at least,
before I would write
another story.

It could have been,
glittering through
all nights,

it should have been
another woman.

Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
Europe, the Netherlands, Tilburg,
August 28, 2019


© 2019 Petra Hermans


Photograph II : MeisterSinger, Neo Quartz


Colour of eye


Photograph I : Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans

Colour of eye

In a night
one blue silverlight
all kinds of colours
except one, has felt her love,
within my expectation.

One golden grey light
already turned, back afterwards,

I waited, never,
in fact, I changed the direction
of my rays in levels of energy.

I, do not ask,
who will give a question,
has yet taken care of, by care,
it will last longer, all the longest
than the day before our first future.

Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
Europe, the Netherlands, Tilburg,
August 28, 2019


© 2019 Petra Hermans


Photograph II : Lao Tzu – Tao Te Ching



A second acquaintance


Photograph I : Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans

A second acquaintance
Ronan Keating, featuring Yusuf – Father and Son

It was an old dream,
I had once.

I dreamed of,
changing the open fields
in silver, shiny skies.

I listened, in the night,
to what sheep where guarding
through the night, in meadows
of older, wider drops.

A veil was hanging
across my hands, and
still, the poetry is more
than a thousand books
of literature.

I have seen, lights
go out in the evening
but the morning
has given me
a new song.

It is an old dream.
I used to dream or sing it,
and now, you have read
my one deep laughter,
of light green eyes!

Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
Europe, the Netherlands, Tilburg,
August 28, 2019


© 2019 Petra Hermans


Photograph II : Petra Hermans, Tilburg, the Netherlands



The smallest touch


Photograph I : Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans

The smallest touch

It was a boy
far away;
I saw Him,
from far, Away.

It is the same
very same special feeling
within silent inner peace.

It is, how I woke up,
the morning begins,
starts without an End.

It is a girl
far away;
you should have seen
her coming, that day!

Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
Europe, the Netherlands, Tilburg,
August 28, 2019


© 2019 Petra Hermans


Photograph II : Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans